Crazy Facts About Bill Gates' $123 Million Washington Mansion

It shouldn't be too surprising that one of the wealthiest individuals in the world likewise has a remarkably extravagant house.
It took Gates 7 years and $63 million to develop his Medina, Washington estate, named Xanadu 2.0 after the fictional house of "Person Kane"'s Charles Foster Kane.
At 66,000 square feet, the home is definitely massive, and it's filled with high-tech details.
We've assembled a few of Xanadu 2.0's most excessive functions here.
1. It's worth a minimum of $123 million.
According to the King County public assessor's office, the home deserves $123.54 million since this year. Gates acquired the lot for $2 million in 1988.
He supposedly pays around $1 million in property taxes each year.
2. Half a million board-feet of lumber was required to finish the job.
Your home was developed with 500-year-old Douglas fir trees. 300 construction workers labored on the home-- 100 of whom were electrical contractors.
3. A state-of-the-art sensing unit system helps visitors keep an eye on a room's climate and lighting.
They're offered a pin that connects with sensing units situated all over the house when visitors show up. Guests enter their temperature and lighting preferences so that the settings alter as they move throughout the home. Speakers concealed behind wallpaper allows music to follow you from space to space.
4. The home uses its natural environments to minimize heat loss.
Xanadu 2.0 is an "earth-sheltered" house, implying that it's developed into its surroundings to regulate temperature level more efficiently.
5. You can change the art work on the walls with simply the touch of a button.
$ 80,000 worth of computer system screens are located - around your home. Anybody can make the screens show their preferred paintings or photographs, which are stored on storage gadgets worth $150,000.
6. The pool also has its own underwater music system.
The 60-foot pool lies in its own different, 3,900-square-foot building. Individuals in the pool might swim below a glass wall to come as much as a balcony area on the exterior.
There's likewise a locker room with 4 showers and two baths.
7. There's a trampoline room with a 20-foot ceiling.
No word on how huge the trampoline itself is, however we can imagine it would be a fun option to your basic exercise regimen.
The exercise centers total 2,500 square feet and also include a sauna, steam space, and separate men's and women's locker spaces.
8. A huge reception hall might accommodate as much as 200 visitors.
The 2,300-square-foot hall might seat approximately 150 individuals for a dinner celebration, or 200 individuals standing at a cocktail event. A six-foot-wide limestone fireplace controls one wall, while another wall has a 22-foot-wide video screen.
9. Your home has 24 restrooms, 10 of which are complete baths.
Those bathrooms would certainly be useful if Gates were throwing such a big party. Otherwise, it seems a little excessive.
codex leicster
The Codex Leicester.Wikimedia Commons
10. There's a total of 6 kitchen areas.
They're situated at different parts of your house so staff can be prepared for any occasion.
11. An enormous library houses a manuscript Gates paid more than $30 million for.
The 2,100-square-foot library has a domed roof and 2 secret bookcases, including one that exposes a covert bar. On the ceiling you'll discover a quote from "The Great Gatsby" that reads: "He had actually come a long method to this blue yard, and his dream should have seemed so close that he could hardly fail to grasp it."
The library is house to the Codex Leicester, a 16-century Leonardo da Vinci manuscript that Gates purchased auction for $30.8 million in 1994.
12. The home theatre can accommodate 20 guests in luxurious seats.
It's developed in an Art Deco design, with comfy arm chairs, couches, and even a popcorn maker for snacking.
13. An existing home was gotten rid of by barge to include a separate activities structure.
The 900-square-foot building sits beside Gates' sport court, putting green, and boat docks.
14. The guest home is simply as state-of-the-art as the primary house.
According to US News, the 1,900-square-foot guest home was the very first building to be finished on the residential or commercial property. Your house-- which has its own bed room and restroom-- was meant to be a test of the technology that would eventually be used in the main house.
15. All together, Gates' garages can accommodate as much as 23 cars.
There are a number of different garages located at different points around the residential or commercial property. The most interesting one, however, is an underground cave constructed of concrete and stainless-steel. That garage alone can park 10 automobiles. Some of the concrete was purposely broken to give it a rough, "deconstructivist" look.
16. Gates has a preferred tree, and it's kept an eye on electronically 24 hours a day.
He apparently became keen on a 40-year-old maple tree that grew near to the home's driveway. It's kept an eye on by computer, and if at any point it ends up being too dry, water is immediately pumped into it.
17. An artificial stream is kept equipped with fish.
The stream and wetland estuary were developed to solve any problems with overflow that the property's big walls may have produced. The water is kept equipped with salmon and sea-run aggressive trout.
18. The sand on bill gates house tour ( - )' beach is imported from the Caribbean.
The lakefront shore contains sand that's delivered in big amounts by a barge from St. Lucia each year.
19. Somebody once paid $35,000 simply to visit it.
Microsoft holds an auction each year, where workers donate items and services to be bid on. Proceeds go to the business's charitable fund.

When guests get here, they're given a pin that connects with sensing units located all over the house. Guests enter their temperature and lighting choices so that the settings alter as they move throughout the house. Speakers concealed behind wallpaper enables music to follow you from space to space.
There are a number of various garages found at different points around the home. The most fascinating one, however, is an underground cave made out of concrete and stainless steel.