Lab Furniture

A well equipped has much more than just glassware and instrumentation for performing wet chemistry and instrumental analysis. A fully equipped lab will also have the necessary furniture that is specialized in terms of the materials of construction used to make it as well as how it is designed. Several pieces of lab furniture will be necessary for a fully functioning chemistry lab be it in an academic or industrial setting.

Chemical Storage Cabinets. Chemical storage cabinets that are safe and secure are a must. A chemical storage cabinet would not only meet NFPA and OSHA fire code requirements, but it would also have fail-safe, 3-point, self-latching doors to provide positive door closure. Additionally, it would be made from 18-gauge all welded steel so as to provide sturdy construction.

Lab Equipment Storage Cabinets. Ideally, a lab equipment storage cabinet would be coated with chemical resistant powder coated exterior and interior - . This would held it to resist corrosion, scratching, and pitting. Sturdy construction would come from a welded frame which, in turn, provides superior strength. Finally, adjustable shelves would provide highly flexible storage capacity that is perfect for any lab, be it academic or industrial.

Chemical Resistant Sinks. This one is a no-brainer. After performing the necessary research or chemical analyses, the instrumentation and glassware has to be cleaned properly so as to prevent contamination to the next set of test results. Washing and drying properly is a must and the only sink that can take that kind of abuse is a chemical resistant sink made from PolyPropylene. Additionally, it would serve as an easily installed drop-in sink that features a wide rim for flush fitting with the work surface.

Lab Glassware Drying Stands. Here's more information regarding BàN MâY Cao - look into the page. After you wash all of the glassware it has to dry. Air drying is the best so as to prevent contamination from drying towels. A properly designed lab glassware drying stand will hold the glassware inverted so as to allow the glassware to drip dry. This is important in preventing the glassware from concentrating contaminates in the bottom of the vessels.

Chemical Resistant Counter Tops and Back Splashes. Just as important as the chemical resistant sink are chemical resistant counter tops and back splashes. Made from Phenolic Resin, counter tops and back splashes made from materials formulated specifically with the bench-top chemist in mind will give years of use without the wear and tear that a normal counter top or back splash would show.