AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam, My Notes And Tips

Moving from physical servers to the "cloud" involves a paradigm shift in thinking. The flexibility offered by AWS is both beneficial in its comprehensiveness and limiting until you get used to it. Unless you know your way around the AWS ecosystem, configuring new instances and using the right services are complex tasks to complete the first time around.

The documentation for it describes how they keep the decryption keys separate from the S3 API servers and request them on demand. More than twenty different services on the AWS platform began failing one by one, impacting some of the Internet's biggest apps and websites including Tinder, Airbnb, IMDb, and more.

AWS Greengrass is a fantastic technology: it extends AWS cloud to the edge and let us build serverless solutions that span cloud, edge, and on-prem compute. As a scalable cloud-computing service, AWS is billed based on your actual usage. Post training, take time to read AWS documentation at-least once & understand the insights of individual AWS service in detail.

Amazon DLM relies on EBS snapshots, which are incremental backups, so it contains only data that has been added or modified since the previous snapshot. While a lot of applications can probably just be deployed to an EC2 instance and work well, if you're coming from a physical environment, you may need to re-architect your application in order to accomodate changes.

In a later article I'll be writing about how to build such a setup that cheaply scales out a stateless web service via a phalanx of spot instances, all the while being fault tolerant to their random termination. Using New Relic Infrastructure , you instantly Get Source - an accurate snapshot of your EC2 instances, which allows you to then dissect them by the AWS tags you already use.