Frontier Swing Set - List of Features and Benefits

This article is about the features and benefits of owning a Blue Ridge Frontier Swing Set manufactured by the Original Swing Set In A Box Company. Everyone raves about the Frontier Swing Set because of the way it is built. Parents appreciate the construction of this well designed set. They feel safe and secure with the idea of their children playing on it due to it’s great design and attention to safety details. Gorilla Playsets has once again made a wooden swing set that will be the envy of the neighborhood.



Children won't believe all the fun accessories it includes, like the 10-foot long scoop slide and the climbing rope ladder which is standard equipment. You do not have to pay extra for all of the accessories ( Trapeze - Swing, Tire Swing, Tic Tac Toe Panel, Telescope) because they are included in the package. Now that's an incredible value that Gorilla Playsets offers. The Frontier set will bring fun times to all who use it and children will spend countless hours outdoors. Their entire line is made with pre-cut and pre-drilled lumber, and the Frontier set is no exception. In addition, the lumber is stained in a honey like finish, making this one beautiful looking set. The fort corner posts are considered very strong because they are sized at 4"x4" and have a maintenance-free vinyl coat applied. This extra coat helps to protect the wood and make maintenance easier.



Another safety feature that children will appreciate is that the swing belts have a powder coated finish on the chains, so little ones fingers are protected and should not get pinched. Another added benefit of this is the chains stay cool to the touch, no matter what the temperature outside is. The swing belts can hold up to 175 pounds, rattan chairs so parents can swing too. This playset has a recommended age range of 3 to 11. If you liked this article and you simply would like to acquire more info regarding Ghế đọc sách; click the up coming webpage - , Ghế đọC sáCh - kindly visit the web site. Another great benefit of making a purchase like this is the fact that everything you need to build your very own professional looking swingset, except household tools, is included in the price. When you finish building it, your new playground should far exceed the quality of wood kits from other build your own companies. This unit is definitely a swingset that doesn't compromise quality for simplicity.


Weight Limits:

Fort Platforms: 800 pounds total weight

Swing belts: 175 pounds

Trapeze: 125 pounds

Tire swing: 125 pounds total weight

Rope ladder: 75 pounds

Rock wall: 150 pounds

All slides: 125 pounds


This product is intended for home use only and not in a commercial or public setting. For the safety of children, ground surface such as rubber mulch should be used. In the owner’s manual, there are other suggestions as to what type of ground covering materials should be used to cover under the unit to help prevent injury from falls. Also, it is recommended that an area six feet around the unit also be covered with a protective surface as well. You little ones safety should be a top priority when selecting and installing your selected unit.