Southern Fun:Charlotte, North Carolina Events

Visiting Charlotte, North Carolina is eventful no matter what time of the year you decide to visit as there is always something going on in this southern city. Charlotte, North Carolina events include parades, floral festivals, historic events and 퍼스트카지노 - just plain old fashioned southern fun. Many of the Charlotte, North Carolina events take place throughout the year.

Parade of Flowers

Each May is the Parade of Flowers in Charlotte, North Carolina. This tradition dates back to pre-Civil War days and was meant to introduce the debutants of that year into society. A queen is elected to head the Parade of Flowers who also reigns over the balls that are given to hail in the coming of the summer season. Many of the balls that take place after the Parade of Flowers are events for society people, but the average person can enjoy the parade as well as many of the events that take place around this time of the year. The floats that make up the parade of flowers are comprised of flowers.

Civil War Re-enactment Days

A carnival and a large fair are just part of the fun during civil war re-enactment days that take place every June in Charlotte, North Carolina. Those playing the parts of troops re-enact battles of the civil war as well as talk about the living conditions of the soldiers. Both sides of the conflict are represented in this event that delves into the history of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Charlotte Southern Fried Barbeque Bake Off

If you like barbeque, then you will enjoy visiting the Charlotte Southern Fried Barbeque Bake Off that takes place in August every year in Charlotte. Barbeque enthusiasts who want to show off their Southern cooking and barbeque skills take place in this annual event that draws thousands each year. Those who just want to come and 에비앙포유카지노쿠폰 - taste the food are welcome to do so. You will not get better southern food this side of the Mason Dixon Line than you will get at the Charlotte Southern Fried Barbeque Bake Off.

Blueberry Festival

The Charlotte Blueberry Festival takes place every July in Downtown Charlotte. This festival includes blueberry ice cream, pies and cobblers. There is plenty of fair food at this event as well as crafts and a large carnival midway. If you enjoy blueberries, 더킹카지노총판 - you cannot afford to miss the annual Blueberry Festival held each July in Charlotte, North Carolina.

If you visit Charlotte, North Carolina in the spring or summer months, there is something to do every weekend. The area is more laid back in the winter months, although the weather is still very mild. During the Christmas holidays, you can participate in a Christmas Walk that will take you to the large estates in the city that decorate and welcome people for the holidays. You can enjoy horse and 에비앙포유카지노총판 - buggy rides and 코인카지노이벤트 even partake in hot chestnuts that are cooking. No matter what time of the year you visit this southern city, you are sure to have fun with Charlotte, North Carolina events.